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Organic components in food that need in growth, and maintaining good health
a) Fats b) Vitamins c) Minerals d) Protein
Nutrients that provide energy and other substances that we need.
a) Fats b) Vitamins c) Minerals d) Carbohydrates
Give energy to our body.
a) Carbohydrates b) Protein c) Minerals d) Vitamins
Has amino acid, Carbon, compound, and hydrogen
a) Protein b) Minerals c) Vitamins d) Carbohydrates
Are essential nutrients to keep healthy.
a) Vitamins b) Minerals c) Protein d) All the above
Growth delayed is effect of malnutrition.
a) False b) Sometimes c) True d) Not at all
Non healing wounds are effects of malnutrion.
a) True b) False c) Sometimes d) Not at all
The following are the symptoms of malnutrition. Except.
a) Hair loss b) Indication of edema c) Healthy Body d) Weighing Loss
Non healing wounds are cause of.
a) Protein-Energy Malnutrition b) Malnutrition c) Over nutrition d) Under nutrition
1. Form of malnutrition that cause of lack of food to eat.
a) Over nutrition b) Under nutrition c) Protein-Energy Malnutrition d) Malnutrition
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