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Approximately how many miles away were Soviet missiles from the coast of Florida during the Cuban Missile Crisis?
a) 100 b) 200 c) 300 d) 400
Who controlled North Vietnam after the Geneva Accords?
a) Ho Chi Minh b) Mao Zedong c) Deng Xiaopng d) Chiang Kai-shek
What happened in Vietnam after the U.S. withdrew troops?
a) Vietnam stayed divided at the 17th parallel. b) Vietnam was taken over by democratic South Vietnam. c) Vietnam was returned to French control. d) Vietnam was reunited by Communist North Vietnam.
What was the outcome of the Korean War?
a) atomic destruction of Chinese bases b) victory for the United States c) deadlock, or draw d) victory for North Korea
Who wanted to use atomic bombs to end the Korean War?
a) President Harry S Truman b) General Douglas MacArthur c) President Dwight D. Eisenhower d) General George Marshall
Mao Zedong formed The People’s Republic of China. Of the following, what action did he NOT take?
a) He launched an economic program called the Great Leap Forward. b) He ordered troops to fire on students in Tiananmen Square. c) He attacked the Soviet Union. d) He ordered Chinese troops to fight in the Korean War.
What launch started the space race between the U.S. and the Soviet Union?
a) Sputnik I b) Apollo II c) Vostok d) Telstar
What is the ability to wipe nations off the planet with nuclear weapons?
a) overkill b) nuclear annihilation c) deterrent defense d) nuclear proliferation
What policy was used to resolve the Cuban Missile Crisis?
a) The U.S. ignored the situation. b) The U.S. sent troops into Cuba c) The U.S. began a blockade d) The U.S. surrendered
All of the following satellite nations protested Communist rule in the 1950s and 1960s EXCEPT one. Which one?
a) Poland b) Italy c) Hungary d) Czechoslovakia
What was the term “iron curtain” used to divide or separate?
a) East and West Europe b) North and South Vietnam c) East and West Sikkim d) North and South Korea
Which of the following organizations is a trade organization?
What was the goal of the European Economic Community (EEC)?
a) promote trade with the United States b) raise tariffs on goods traded within the EEC c) limit trade with France d) set up a free-trade zone for EEC members
Which of the following alliances was formed to block communism in Europe?
a) SEATO b) the Warsaw Pact c) NATO d) CENTO
Where was the city of Berlin?
a) West Germany b) the Soviet Union c) a neutral zone d) East Germany
What was the main goal of the Truman Doctrine?
a) to stop the spread of communism b) to send financial aid to Europe c) to expand trade with Europe d) to limit the buildup of nuclear weapons
Of the following countries, which one was NOT a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council?
a) Israel b) the United States c) Great Britain d) France
What kind of war is described by the following sentence? This type of war involves military threats, arms buildups, and other techniques short of all-out war by the superpowers.
a) Hot War b) Vietnam War c) Cold War d) Korean War
What were the two superpowers during the Cold War Era?
a) Great Britain and France b) The Soviet Union and the United States c) The United States and Great Britain d) The Soviet Union and Germany
Who was and remains leader of Cuba?
a) Fidel Castro b) Nikita Khrushchev c) Richard M. Nixon d) John F. Kennedy
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