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Quick seizure of power
a) coup de etat b) monarchy c) revolution d) hostage
The English Navy defeated Napoleons army at this battle
a) Waterloo b) Elba c) Trafalger d) Dunkirk
Napoleon's final defeat
a) Trafalger b) Waterloo c) Moscow d) Austria
The country that Napoleon had a disasterous winter and it was the beginning of the end
a) Russia b) England c) Austria d) Spain
The wealthy widow who Napoleon took as his wife
a) Josephine b) MarieAntoinette c) Anne Boleyn d) Elizabeth
The first place Napoleon was exiled to
a) St. Helena b) Corisica c) Greece d) Elba
Popular vote
a) Plebescite b) Tithe c) Torie d) Annex
Although Napoleon was an good administrator he was more interested in building this
a) Democracy b) Economic stability c) Empire d) Family
Napoleon's final exile
a) St. Helena b) Elba c) Egypt d) Russia
Napoleon had total authority over the French people, he ruled as a
a) Monarch b) President c) Czar d) Dictator
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