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heating and cooling
a) igneous rock b) metamorphic rock c) sedimentary rock d) conglomerate rock
the scale used for determining the hardness of a mineral
a) Mendel's Traits b) Metric System c) Moh's Hardness Scale d) Mickey's Hardness Scale
Which best describes one way igneous rocks form?
a) Sedimentary rocks erode. b) Sedimentary rock are compacted. c) Metamorphic rocks are melted then cooled. d) Metamorphic rocks are deposited and cemented.
Which of these actions can change sediment into metamorphic rock?
a) weathering b) erosion c) heat and pressure d) deposition
Where can sedimentary rock be found?
a) in a volcano b) at the bottom of a lake c) deep underground near the core d) in a magma chamber
A diagram of the rock cycle shows _________
a) changes in crystal formation b) similarities in mineral color c) processes of formation d) variations of chemical composition
After lava flows from a volcano, the lava can become igneous rock due to which process?
a) erosion b) cooling c) pressure d) sedimentation
A rock moving from underground to above ground could be the result of
a) erosion b) weathering c) chemical composition d) sedimentation
weathering and erosion
a) sedimentary rock b) igneous rock c) metamorphic rock d) rock band
heat and pressure
a) metamorphic b) sedimentary c) igneous d) lunar
Which geologic processes can change any type of rock into sediment?
a) weathering and erosion b) cooling c) heat and pressure d) melting
What geologic process can change granite (igneous rock) into gneiss (metamorphic rock)
a) cooling b) melting c) heat and pressure d) sedimentation
Which of these is NOT one of the 3 main rock types?
a) oceanic b) sedimentary c) metamorphic d) igneous
Which of these characteristics are found in sedimentary rocks?
a) crystals b) fossils c) gas bubbles d) glassy surface
What process changes pieces of rocks, minerals, other materials into sedimentary rock?
a) compacting and cementation b) cooling c) heat and pressure d) melting
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