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Why did Henry the VIII leave the Catholic Church
a) Wanted a Divorce b) Wanted to become a protestant c) Wanted to have more power than the Pope d) To save England
Who nailed the 95 these statement against the church door in Wittenburg
a) King Henry VIIIJ b) Martin Luther c) John Calvin d) John Wycliff
Catholic church's responses to the Reformation is called what?
a) Calvinism b) Luthern c) Counter-reformation d) Protestantism
What does the Word Renaissance mean in Latin
a) Rebuild b) Reaction c) Renew d) Rebirth
The idea that god knows in advanced who will be saved
a) Luthernism b) Calvinism c) Predestination d) Reformation
A reduction of all or part of the sin through monetary donations
a) indulgence b) simony c) protestant d) reformation
selling of church offices
a) indulgences b) simony c) protestant d) reformation
Means a separation of religion in all aspects of society
a) Humanism b) secularism c) Reformation d) protestant
A person who left the catholic church
a) predestination b) simony c) reformation d) protestant
burning of science books
a) Inquisition b) reformation c) Index of forbidden books d) society of jesuits
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