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a thin glass or metal container used in laboratories
a) beaker b) container c) glass d)
a planned talk on a chosen subject given before an audience
a) talk b) lecture c) audience d)
not lessening in strength or pace; unyielding
a) lessening b) unyielding c) relentless d)
very exact; completely in agreement with a fact or standard
a) precise b) exact c) agreement d)
the fact of being the same thing or person as claimed
a) person b) identity c) stranger d)
an examination of details
a) examination b) analysis c) details d)
a device used to make small things look larger
a) device b) magnify c) microscope d)
empty inside
a) hollow b) empty c) beaker d)
a type of speech
a) lecture b) speech c) exam d)
empty inside
a) empty b) hollow c) inside d)
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