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Appreciative, grateful, indebted
a) obligated to you b) racket c) out of kilter d) bear the lash
endure or suffer through a whipping
a) lash b) bear the lash c) torture d) torment
not working properly
a) lazy b) dumb c) out of kilter d) union
loud noise, uproar
a) yelling b) racket c) fight d) engage
a) dfklvjsorjeori b) d;lfkje;rogjweo;ri c) jfvledjeorji d) fvdlfvij;oijsd
opposing, contradictory or disagreeing
a) contradictory b) opposing c) conflicting viewpoints d) disagree
outlook, viewpiont, opinion based on a person's particular situation
a) perspective b) piont of view c) d)
one who believes that one group or race is superior to all others
a) government b) racist c) supremacist d) whites
anger, wrath, exasperation, resentment
a) ills b) spoils c) indignation d) exploits
wild, uncontrolled
a) unbridled b) spoils c) communion d) exploits
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