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small in degree
a) remote b) unremotely c) remotely d) unremote
position within a group
a) remotely b) rank c) unremotely d) ranked
to grow or cause to grow increasingly more irritating
a) remotely b) unremote c) remote d) fester
impossible to understand
a) fathmable b) unfathomable c) rank d) fester
to give the reader a clear picture in their mind
a) paint b) illustrates c) reason d) All of the above
free from fault or blame
a) perfect b) peccable c) impeccable d) imperfection
to provoke or challenge in a mocking or instulting manner
a) remotely b) fester c) taunted d) taunt
the opposing viewpoint
a) counter b) claim c) counterclaim d) opposing
evidence that is relevant and specific
a) well-chosen evidence b) evidence c) chosen d) well
not related to the subject being discussed
a) relevant b) irrelevant c) unrelated d) related
a justificatoin of a claim
a) realistic b) unreasonable c) reason d) reasonable
details or quotes from a text that directly relate to the subject
a) unrelevant evidence b) relevant evidence c) relevant d) unrelevant
when something such a piece of writing is easy to understand
a) coherent b) incoherent c) details d) stars
a statement that a speaker or writer is trying to prove
a) coherent b) diffrent c) opposite d) claim
correct or suitable
a) appropriate b) right c) reason d) reasonable
reasoned thinking that supports a specific laim or position
a) reason b) relevant c) arrgument d) thought
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