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Roarr!! The monkeys in the cage hid in the trees as they heard the Lion roar. Time to go see the Rhinos said Mum. Where are the people?
a) Zoo b) Beach c) Home d) Farm
Rachel kicked the ball which flew past the keeper and into the net-What sport is Rachel plying?
a) Netball b) Soccer c) Hockey d) Rugby
Thud! Something had landed on the roof. It sounded like hooves and bells jingling. Next there was a loud noise in the fireplace. As Mia looked in the lounge she saw a large red body under the tree-Who is under the tree?
a) Mr Carr b) Easter bunny c) Dad d) Santa
Jimmy threw his bowl from the high chair and screamed at his mother-How old is jimmy?
a) 2 b) 20 c) 67 d) 11
Tim woke up to the crashing of the waves on the sand-Where was tim sleeping?
a) Forest b) School c) Beach d) River
The red car raced around the corner but lost control-Crasshh!! What happened to the car?
a) It lost control and crashed b) It pulled over and stopped c) It hit another vehicle d) Nothing happened
Dad got off the phone and looked down at the ground. He didnt speak all day. How is Dad feeling?
a) Sad b) Happy c) Nervous d) Tired
Sally looked at the numbers on the page and shook his head. She was finding her work really hard. What subject was she doing?
a) Science b) English c) Maths d) Writing
Rrinng rring went the bell. Jeff grabbed his lunch box and sat down outside. What time of day is it?
a) Morning b) Night c) Breakfast d) Lunchtime
Jax looked up at the giant yellow M. Nugget time! He said with a grin. Where was Jax?
a) Mcdonalds b) School c) KFC d) Merrilands domain
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