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Mars can be described by all of the following except
a) largest volcanoe b) living things c) red dust d) polar ice caps
The inner planet with almost no atmosphere is
a) venus b) mercury c) saturn d) mars
Meteorites can be made of all of the following except
a) glass b) rock c) metal d) ice
During the year 2000 the sun will have a maximum number of sunspots. The next year with maximum sunspots will be
a) 2011 b) 2008 c) 2002 d) 2005
Bubbling areas on the sun’s photosphere are called
a) solar flares b) granules c) prominences d) corona
The path taken by objects moving around the sun is called a(n)
a) circle b) ellipse c) revolution d) orbit
Saturn’s moon Titan is like the Earth because it has
a) gravity b) living things c) Nitrogen atmosphere d) water oceans
The asteroid belt is located between
a) mars and jupiter b) earth and mars c) jupiter and saturn d) neptune and uranus
Which of the following is not found in our solar system?
a) hundreds of satellites b) thousands of asteroids c) millions of comets d) billions of stars
Pluto is unlike the outer planets because it is
a) far away b) cold c) solid d) large
The temperature of the sun’s interior is
a) 3000 F b) 10,000 F c) 55,000 F d) 25,000,000 F
The burning of gasoline, coal, and oil are adding more carbon dioxide to the Earth’s atmosphere. Scientists are concerned that the Earth may someday have temperatures like the planet
a) saturn b) mercury c) venus d) mars
Loops or jets of hot gases erupting from the sun’s surface are called
a) prominences b) solar wind c) solar flare d) coronal holes
The sun and its family of objects is called
a) solar system b) universe c) galaxy d) constellation
Which of the following objects is not found in an orbit
a) asteroids b) comets c) planets d) meteoroids
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