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The capital of East Jersey was _____________________ .
a) Perth Amboy b) Burlington c) Carteret d) Berkeley
The capital of West Jersey was _________________ .
a) Perth Amboy b) Burlington c) Carteret d) Berkeley
The Duke of York gane the land between the Hudson and Delaware Rivers to ______________________ .
a) Lewis Morris and Phillip Carteret b) Robert Nicolls and Sir George Carteret c) Lord Berkeley and Sir George Carteret d) Lord Berkeley and Rober Nicolls
The English people were attracted to the New Jersey area because of the high taxes in their home country.
a) b) c) True d) False
The Puritans were immigrants who came to the New World to practice their religion.
a) True b) False c) d)
Who owned westrern New Jersey and sold the land to the Quakers?
a) George Carteret b) Lord Berkeley c) Queen Anne d) Robert Nicolls
Who was the first English Governor of New Jersey when it was called Albania?
a) Lord Berkeley b) George Carteret c) Robert Nicolls d) Lewis Morris
Who was the relative of a New Jersey proprietor who later became governor of the colony and gave man freedoms to the people of New Jersey?
a) Lord Berkeley b) Robert Nicolls c) Lewis Morris d) Phillip Carteret
Who was born in New Jersey, became governor of New Jersey in 1738, and later had a county named after him?
a) Lewis Morris b) Lord Berkeley c) Phillip Carteret d) Robert Nicolls
Who received land with Lord Berkeley in North America from the Duke of York that later became known as New Jersey?
a) Lewis Morris b) George Carteret c) Robert Nicolls d) Queen Anne
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