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a) interpret b) concealed c) precise d) perplexed
thinking that someone or something is wrong and cannot be trusted
a) precise b) astounded c) perplexed d) suspicious
to think about something again
a) concealed b) precise c) astounded d) reconsider
amazed and surprised
a) interpret b) perplexed c) concealed d) astounded
exact or accurate
a) precise b) reconsider c) perplexed d) concealed
to explain or make easier to understand
a) concealed b) astounded c) precise d) interpret
a) precise b) inquisitive c) reconsider d) suspicious
to hide or put out of sight
a) concealed b) reconsider c) precise d) interpret
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word concealed?
a) delightful b) hidden c) terrifying d) visible
Which word has almost the same meaning as the word perplexed?
a) assumed b) confused c) performed d) shared
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