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An offspring that has just begun to develop is a(n)
a) genes b) embryo c) fertilization d) pollination
The sum of traits passed down from one generation to the next is
a) heredity b) traits c) genes d) nymph
The chemical instructions that determine which traits a person will inherit are carried in the
a) heredity b) genes c) trait d) fertilization
When a sperm cell from a male and an egg from a female join, what has occurred?
a) pollination b) fertilization c) germination d) embryo
A seed develops into a new plant through
a) fertilization b) heredity c) pollination d) germination
Before a grasshopper reaches adulthood, it becomes a(n)
a) pupa b) egg c) a nymph d) larva
When an egg and sperm unite outside of a female’s body, it is called
a) external fertilization b) internal fertilization c) germination d) metamorphosis
A series of growth stages that are different and distinct from one another is called
a) heredity b) germination c) pollination d) metamorphosis
A characteristic such as blue eyes is a(n)
a) trait b) genes c) heredity d) embryo
The transfer of pollen from the stamen to the pistil of a flower is called
a) fertilization b) pollination c) genes d) germination
What kind of behavior does a bird use to build its nest?
a) instinct b) learned behavior c) good behavior d) survival
How many stages of development take place in complete metamorphosis?
a) 4 b) 3 c) 2 d) 5
Jordan has green eyes, but both her parents have brown eyes. Her parents must
a) have brown hair also b) not have any dominant traits c) be carriers of a recessive trait d) be carriers of a disease
Which of the following will form a plant’s first leaves after germination?
a) embryo b) conifer c) seed coat d) cotyledon
Which part of the flower attracts animals to pollinate the plant?
a) sepals b) petals c) stamen d) pistil
Which part of the flower covers and protects the bud?
a) sepals b) petals c) stamen d) pistil
Which part of the flower is the male part that holds pollen?
a) sepals b) petals c) stamen d) pistil
Which part of the flower is the female part and contains eggs?
a) petals b) sepals c) stamen d) pistil
Put the stages of complete metamorphosis in order.
a) larva, egg, pupa, adult b) egg, larva, nymph, adult c) egg, larva, pupa, adult d) pupa, egg, larva, adult
What are the three main parts of a seed?
a) embryo, cotyledon, shell b) embryo, seed coat, shell c) cotyledon, seed coat, shell d) embryo, cotyledon, seed coat
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