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Which layer of the soil contains the humus?
a) topsoil b) subsoil c) bedrock d) lava
Plants grow in what layer of soil
a) topsoil b) subsoil c) bedrock d) humus
Small bits of weathered rock is known as
a) humus b) delta c) sediment d) bedrock
Moving weathered rock from one place to another is known as
a) frost weathering b) glaciation c) erosion d) deposition
Dropping sediments in a new place is known as
a) erosion b) deposition c) delta d) sedimentation
A delta is located where
a) a stream meets a river b) a river begins c) a river meets the sea d) a glacier forms
What forms soil?
a) water, air, leaves b) weathered rock, air humus, water c) fossils, humus, boulders, pebbles d) weathered rock, air, grass
What causes rocks to weather?
a) water b) wind c) plants d) all of the above
What two things are caused by gravity?
a) deltas and tornadoes b) weathering and windstorms c) landslides and avalanches d) wind and water
What is abrasion?
a) rocks wearing down by friction b) rapid downhill movement of soil and rocks c) a river of ice that stays frozen all year d) a volcano spewing out lava
What is a glacier?
a) a large sheet or river of ice that stays frozen all year b) a large amount of snow that falls rapidly down a mountain c) a large amount of frozen precipitation in one area d) huge rocks that form after a volcano erupts
What part of the soil does not contain any weathered rocks?
a) topsoil b) subsoil c) bedrock d) sand
What two forces push land upwards?
a) rivers and streams b) earthquakes and volcanoes c) glaciers and wind d) oceans and geysers
What is found in humus?
a) rocks b) clay c) sand d) decaying material
What types of weathered rocks is soil made of?
a) boulders, rocks, pebbles b) grass, leaves, tree roots c) sand, silt, clay d) glass, trash, dead animals
What landform is caused by a glacier?
a) moraine b) mountain c) delta d) allluvial fan
What type of valley does a glacier form?
a) C shaped b) U shaped c) V shaped d) O shaped
Erosion happens
a) slowly b) rapidly c) both slowly and rapidly d) neither slowly nor rapidly
Which of the following is a landform?
a) river b) sand dune c) pond d) lake
How can people cause erosion?
a) Building sidewalks and driveways and chopping down trees b) Singing too loudly c) Eating too many vegetables d) Hiking through mountains
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