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Above a continent, a warm air mass slowly passes over a cold air mass. As the warm air begins to cool, clouds form. What will most likely happen next?
a) hurricanes will form b) rain will fall c) lightning will strike d) hail will form
In thinking about air pressure, where would air pressure be highest?
a) at a beach b) on top of a mountain c) at the bottom of clouds d) above the earth's atmosphere
When air pressure is high, you can expect
a) clouds and rain b) cold temperatures c) tornados d) sunny, clear days
Which layer of the atmosphere has the most air pressure?
a) troposphere (closest to the surface of Earth) b) stratosphere c) mesosphere d) thermosphere (furthest from the surface of Earth)
Which location on Earth receives the most direct sunlight?
a) the south pole b) the desert c) the nortehrn hemisphere d) the equator
Which of the following processes is responsible for changing liquid water into water vapor?
a) evaporation b) condensation c) photosynthesis d) precipitation
Where is most of the earth's water located?
a) galciers b) oceans c) lakes d) rivers
Which of the following is NOT related to weather:
a) precipitation b) wind speed and direction c) pollen count d) temperature
What is the process by which a liquid changes to a gas?
a) evaporation b) condensation c) precipitation d) melting
What is the process when gas changes back into a liquid?
a) evaporation b) condensation c) precipitation d) melting
What is the term that joins together rain, sleet, hail and snow? (i.e. any form of water that falls from the clouds.)
a) evaporation b) condensation c) precipitation d) melting
Why is watering plants and grass in the early morning a way to conserve water?
a) Smaller amounts of water evaporate in the cool morning. b) There is always more water in the morning. c) Grass can absorb water only in the morning. d) Water used in the morning can be recycled for afternoon use.
In which layer of the atmosphere does weather occur?
a) troposphere (first layer) b) mesosphere (second layer) c) thermosphere (third layer) d) stratosphere (fourth layer)
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