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What are the parts of the integumentary system?
a) Hair b) Skin c) Nails d) All of the above
What are the layers of the skin from the top to the bottom?
a) Epidermis, dermis, hypodermis b) Dermis, Epidermis, Hypodermis c) Hypodermis, Epidermis, Dermis d) Epidermis, Dermis, Blood Vessels
What is the thinnest layer of the skin?
a) Fat b) Epidermis c) Dermis d) Blood vessels
Which of the following is not in the dermis?
a) Blood vessels b) Nerves c) Sweat Glands d) Dead skin cells
What is MELANIN?
a) Pigment that determines skin color b) Pigment that determines moisture in the skin c) Pigment that determines if skin is dry or oily d) Pigment that determines eye color
Which is a function of the skin
a) Movement b) Conducting signals from the body to the brain c) Vitamin D production and sense of touch d) Transporting nutrients
What is the function of the hypodermis?
a) Transporting blood b) Insulating the body c) Creating new skin cells d) Producing melanin
What are hair and nails made of
a) Keratin b) Skin c) Collagen d) Muscles
What type of tissue makes up skin?
a) Connective b) Muscular c) Nervous d) Epithelial
What is a function of hair?
a) Protection b) Warmth c) Immune defense d) All of the above
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