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Luke was surprised to see the face in the window. (surprised)
a) astonished b) concealed c) paused d) punishment
Luke told himself that he was simply being cautious and making a plan. (cautious)
a) safe b) punishment c) laughed d) move
Luke bread sat on the side looking lopsided and pathetic. (pathetic)
a) sad b) courage c) strange d) complained
Luke's brothers guffawed when their father mentioned marriage. (guffawed)
a) laughed b) complained c) astonished d) punishment
Luke knew that he would be hidden by trees and bushes in his yard. (hidden)
a) concealed b) strange c) courage d) astonished
Luke's stomach felt funny when he thought about his plan. (funny)
a) strange b) move c) complained d) sad
Luke's dad grumbled because the field was too wet. (grumbled)
a) complained b) punishment c) laughed d) sad
Luke hesitated at the barn before he sprinted across the yard. (hesitated)
a) paused b) astonished c) courage d) move
He tried the screen door but it would not buldge. (buldge)
a) move b) paused c) laughed d) complained
Luke barely had the nerve to look into the room where the noise was coming from. (nerve)
a) courage b) safe c) sad d) concealed
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