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Who is the leader in Kenya?
a) president b) prime minister c) king d) dictator
Who is the leader in South Africa?
a) president b) king c) queen d) prime minister
Voting Age is Kenya and South Africa is
a) 21 b) 16 c) 18 d) 19
The leader in Kenya can lead for
a) life b) maximum 10 years c) maximum 5 years d) maximum 3 terms
The leader in South Africa can lead how many terms?
a) 1 term b) life c) 3 terms d) 2 terms
The leader in Kenya is elected by the
a) popular vote b) legislative beranch c) executive branch d) electoral college
The leader in South Africa is elected by the
a) National Assembly b) popular vote c) majority of judges d) majority on the ANC
South Sudan split for which Social reason
a) Different languages b) apartheid c) age discrimination d) Jews vs Muslims
South Sudan split for which Geographic reason
a) Nile River and Suez Canal in North, not south b) Lake Victoria in south, not north c) South wanted the Sahara desert d) Diamonds were found in south
South Sudan split for which Economic reason
a) oil and farmland b) gasoline c) currency was different d) jobs
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