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Minutes of a meeting are used to describe the discussions, decisions, and actions that occurred during a business meeting. When should they be typed?.
a) Before the meeting b) After the meeting c) d)
When keying minutes the organization's name should be keyed how many inches from the top?
a) 1 b) 1 1/2 c) 2 d) 2 1/2
What visual additions attract a reader's attention to specific text?
a) Additions b) Enhancements c) Visuals d)
What is the summary of the events and business conducted during a meeting?
a) Agenda b) Itinerary c) Minutes d) Reposrt
Side headings of minutes should be keyed in:
a) All Caps b) All caps and underlined c) Lower and uppercase letters d) Lower and uppercase letters and underlined
Sara Jacobs is the recording secretary for the Athletic Association. She keeps her minutes in a notebook so all members can view them at any time. What left margin setting should she use?
a) 1.5 inches b) 1 inch c) .5 inch d) Any setting is appropriate
Which two documents have the most components in common?
a) Agenda and business letter b) Business letter and minutes c) Letter and research report d) Minutes and agenda
The text of minutes should be keyed as:
a) Singled spaced b) Single spaced with double space between each paragraph c) Double spaced d) Double spaced with single space between each paragraph
The closing lines in the minutes include the name Marybeth Williams. Which office does she hold?
a) President b) Vice President c) Secretary d) No office, just recorded the minutes
Mrs. Walker has submitted the minutes for approval at the next meeting. The date at the top of the minutes is October 15, 2016. What date does this represent?.
a) The date of the present meeting b) The date the minutes were typed c) The date the minutes were recorded d) The current date
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