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Which country has recently been hit by a cyclone?
a) China b) Fiji c) Australia d) Tonga
Which city in New Zealand has recently had an earthquake?
a) Auckland b) Dunedin c) Christchurch d) Hawera
Which of these earthquake magnitudes is strongest?
a) Magnitude 8 b) Magnitude 3 c) Magnitude 7.8 d) Magnitude 1
What causes a tropical cyclone?
a) Windy weather b) The earths movement c) Warm air and cold air colliding d) Tidal movement in the ocean
What is a giant wind vortex called?
a) Tsunami b) Tornado c) Cyclone d) Earthquake
What word describes a giant wave?
a) Tsunami b) Cyclone c) Tornado d) Earthquake
Which natural disaster is common in Australia?
a) Storm b) Bushfire c) Tornado d) Volcanic eruption
Which natural disaster involves a lack of rain and water?
a) Drought b) Flood c) Aftershock d) Tornado
What cause an earthquake?
a) Tectonic plate movement beneath the ground b) Volcanic eruptions c) Global warming d) Bad weather
What is one effect that a cyclone can have?
a) Sinking islands b) Severe flooding and wind speeds c) Cracking the earth d) Drying out the ground
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