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The ____________________ had a loud voice that seemed to echo throughout the hockey arena.
a) counselor b) teacher c) violinist d) announcer
The ______________ tourists loved their trip, but missed Paris.
a) Parisians b) librarians c) employers d) robots
What is the meaning of the word farmer?
a) more farms b) most farms c) someone who farms d) having the best farm
Which word is using the correct suffix?
a) finaler b) finalian c) finalor d) finalist
Which word is using the correct suffix?
a) prisoner b) prisonist c) prisonor d) prisonian
Which is an incorrect match?
a) visitor- someone who is visiting b) violinist- someone who plays the violin c) bigger- person who is big d) Australian- someone from Australia
If my base word ends in e I need to ___________ before adding the suffix -er or -or.
a) drop it b) change it c) flip it d) dip it
Where can you find a suffix in a word?
a) under a rock b) the middle c) the beginning d) the end
Adding -er, -or, -ian, or -ist makes a word into what part of speech?
a) adjective b) verb c) noun d) predicate
My dad is a firm ________________ in hard work!
a) geologist b) believer c) artist d) tresspasser
Sven Sundgaard is a ___________________ on channel eleven.
a) meteorologist b) cartoonist c) shopper d) complainer
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