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Sacred Hindu Text
a) Upanishads b) 10 Commandments c) Torah d) Quran
Sacred symbol of Islam
a) Dharma Wheel b) Crescent Moon and Star c) Aum d) Star of David
Who founded Islam?
a) Muhammad b) Siddhartha Gautma c) Jesus d) Abraham
Who founded Buddhism?
a) Jesus b) Siddhartha Gautma c) No One d) Abraham
Who founded Hinduism
a) Siddhartha Gautma b) Jesus c) Abraham d) No one
Who founded Judaism?
a) Siddhartha Gautma b) Jesus c) Abraham d) Muhammad
Who founded Christianity?
a) Abraham b) Jesus c) Muhammad d) Siddhartha Gautma
Place of worship for Hindus
a) Church b) Mosque c) Temple d) Shrines
The trip all Muslims must take
a) Kabba b) Jerlusalem c) Hajj d) Five Pillars
The name of the main Hindu God
a) Vishnu b) Brahmin c) Brahma d) Shiva
Which is the oldest religion
a) Christianity b) Hinduism c) Buddhism d) Islam
Which religion has the second most followers
a) Islam b) Christianity c) Hinduism d) Buddhism
a) What goes around comes around b) One's duty c) reincarnation d) afterlife
a) A band b) Buddhist afterlife c) one's spirt d) one's duty
a) one's spirit b) one's duty c) what goes around comes around d) connecting to the world's spirit
The key to escaping suffering
a) Four Noble Truths b) Five Pillars c) 10 Commandments d) Eightfold Path
Name of the city with the Kaaba
a) Mecca b) Medina c) Jerusalem d) Palenstine
Holy location for Hindus and Buddhists
a) India b) Ganges River c) Jerusalem d) Mecca
Name of Jewish clergy
a) Ministers b) rabbies c) priests d) Pope
a) what comes around goes around b) escaping desire c) one's duty d) connecting to the universal spirit.
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