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what letter is on the book spine that lets you know it's fiction
a) F b) E c) B d) R
What are the three letters on the book spine for?
a) name of the book b) authors first name c) authors last name d) none of the above
how can you search for items on the card catalog?
a) by author b) by title c) by genre d) all of the above
what color is the name of the book in?
a) red b) blue c) yellow d) green
can you find out if a book is checked out from the OCC?
a) yes b) no c) not available d) none of the above
how do you get more information about a book from the OCC?
a) click on the name of the author b) click on the name of the book c) click on the LOC information d) this option is not available
can you access the OCC from home?
a) yes b) no c) only with an approved account d) option not available
how can you save your choices to print out?
a) put items in a temporary cart b) write them out on paper c) you cannot print choices d) none of the above
if your search has no results do we have the item in the library?
a) maybe b) yes c) no d) option not available
can you pull up the OCC from the PECHS library webpage?
a) no b) yes c) option not available d) we don't have a library webpage
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