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Which season is hot and stormy?
a) winter b) summer c) fall d)
Which season is cold and snowy?
a) winter b) spring c) fall d)
Which word is NOT a season?
a) spring b) summer c) rain d)
When observing the weather, we can feel ____________________.
a) wind b) clouds c) sunny d)
When we are observing the weather, we can see _________________.
a) hot b) clouds c) wind d)
A ver cloudy day means that it might ____________________.
a) get cold b) rain or snow c) get hot d)
What is ised to measure the temperature outside?
a) rain gauge b) wind vane c) thermometer d)
What is used to measure precipitation (rain)?
a) rain gauge b) thermometer c) wind vane d)
The sun gives us ______________________.
a) night and day b) light and snow c) light and heat d)
Which season comes AFTER summer?
a) winter b) fall c) spring d)
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