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The negatively charged subatomic particle
a) proton b) electron c) neutron d)
This type of bond transfers electrons
a) ionic b) covalent c) double d) triple
Positively charged subatomic particle
a) electron b) neutron c) proton d)
An isotope of an element has a different number of.....
a) electrons b) neutrons c) protons d)
A ______ is the smallest unit of matter
a) compound b) electron c) proton d) atom
An acid has a ph value below
a) 13 b) 14 c) 7 d) 20
An example of an acid is
a) tomato juice b) bleach c) oven cleaner d) milk
An example of a base is
a) tomato juice b) orange juice c) oven cleaner d)
The water is the universal _________, because it dissolves many substances
a) unit b) attraction c) solvent d) atom
Enzymes are ......
a) nucleic acids b) carbohydrates c) proteins d) lipids
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