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What did the Zaptistas do to show they were against NAFTA?
a) attack government trips in Mexico City b) took over several towns in their part of Mexico c) worked with the government to find solutions d)
The Zaptatistas did not like NAFTA because they believed it would
a) mean US factories would move to Mexico b) cause poor Mexican farmers to go out of business c) force Mexicans to move to the United States d)
What almost created a nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union?
a) Kennedy did not like the leader of the Soviet Union b) Castro allowed the Soviet Union to build a nuclear missile launch complex in Cuba c) The US wanted the sugar cane crop that the Soviet Union was buying from Cuba d)
Which country helped Castro build Cuba into a communist country?
a) Mexico b) Venezuela c) Soviet Union d)
Who took over as dictator of Cuba in 1959?
a) Fidel Castro b) Raul Castro c) Fulgencio Batista d)
What type of government did Castro create in Cuba?
a) oligarchy b) communist c) democracy d)
What was one reaction the United States had to Cuba taking over American property?
a) The US put an embargo on Cuban goods. b) The US threatened a nuclear attack. c) The US wanted Cuba to trade with other countries d)
What job did Miguel Hidalgo have in Mexico?
a) Soldier b) General c) Priest d)
What event caused people in Mexico to begin to think about independence?
a) France took over Spain and removed the king b) Mexico had many peasants who were unhappy c) Thousands of people followed Hidalgo after his speech d)
Miguel Hidalgo was known as the father of independence for which country?
a) Peru b) Bolivia c) Mexico d)
Which is an area of concern for the Zapatistas?
a) religion b) housing c) acid rain d)
Simon Bolivar was known as the liberator for which people?
a) Mexicans b) Spanish soldiers c) South Americans d)
Which country got its independence because of Bolivar's efforts?
a) Canada b) Mexico c) Venezuela d)
Which country's revolution encouraged Bolivar to fight for independence?
a) Spain b) France c) Mexico d)
Which country did Bolivar and his fellow patriots fight against?
a) Spain b) France c) Mexico d)
Miguel Hidalgo was known as the father of independence for which country?
a) Peru b) Bolivia c) Mexico d)
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