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In CAD, to refresh the screen, use:
a) Regen b) Undo c) Redo d) Clean
The CAD feature that clears the screen of unwanted BLIPS is the:
a) Erase b) Redraw c) Explode d) Array
Which CAD command places evenly spaced point objects or blocks along the length or perimeter of an object?
a) Mirror b) Copy c) Divide d) Stretch
In CAD, to restore what you have just undone use:
a) Undo b) Redraw c) Redo d) Refresh
When placing text in a drawing, what is the difference between the Text and Mtext commands?
a) The text command can only create one word at a time, while Mtext can create several words. b) Text is single line text, while Mtext creates a multi-line or paragraph text. c) The text command is only used in titileblocks while Mtext is only used in notes d) There is no difference
Font refers to:
a) A type of engineering graphics standard b) The style of letters c) An acronym related to CAD d) A type of line in engineering graphics
In a CAD drawing, which command should be used to write your name?
a) Text b) Word c) Type d) Write
The term FONT refers to:
a) Letters that are created with a Leroy Lettering Set b) Letters that are viewed from the front c) Underlining leters to make them stand out d) Letter style.
The command that allows you to create text within a specified boundary is:
a) Multi-line text b) Single-line text c) Type d) Write
When drawing an object one-half its true size, the scale indicated on your drawing woudl be ________?
a) SCALE 1:1 b) SCALE 1:2 c) SCALE 2:1 d) NTS
In CAD software, the TEXT command allows you to:
a) Open the help features b) Do your lettering c) Activate the on board manual d) Match software with the reference textbook
A Mechanical B size sheet has the following dimensions:
a) 11 x 17 b) 12 x 18 c) 24 x 36 d) 30 x 42
The ___________ command is used to apply a material pattern to an object in a drawing.
a) Color b) Hatch c) Image d) Pattern
What CAD command fills an area with a non-associative pattern?
a) Hatch b) Fill c) Array d) Pattern
Text styles use a specified ____________to control how the text looks.
a) Format b) Radius c) Font d) Method
To define a Block within your drawing, you select the _____________, the ______________ and give the Block a _______________.
a) Base point, objects, name b) title, scale, rotation angle c) rotation angle, name, location d) length, width, z-axis
Which key is pressed followed by a mouse click to deselect a highlighted object in a selection set?
a) Control b) Shift c) Space d) Tab
Which CAD command enlarges or reduces selected objects proportionally in the X, Y, and Z directions?
a) Scale b) Stretch c) Array d) Divide
Which CAD command moves vertices of 2D solids that lie inside a specified window and leaves those outside unchanged?
a) Move b) Scale c) Stretch d) Draw
Which CAD command creates multiple copies of objects in pattern?
a) Array b) Rotate c) Extend d) Chamfer
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