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to squeeze or twist
a) wring b) pose c) heroic d) deeds
begin doing something
a) commence b) pose c) impress d) deeds
to hold a position that someone could paint or photograph you
a) pose b) deeds c) impress d) heroic
to have a strong effect on someone's mind or feelings
a) wring b) pose c) deeds d) impress
a very brave or courageous act
a) heroic b) deeds c) pose d) wring
acts or actions
a) pose b) deeds c) wring d) heroic
to walk in a slow, relaxed way
a) pose b) saunter c) heroic d) wring
a statement that makes something seem more than it really is
a) saunter b) exaggeration c) wring d) heroic
Which word has the OPPOSITE meaning of the word commenced?
a) began b) commented c) stopped d) questioned
Which word has almost the same meaning as the word sauntered?
a) skip b) stroll c) run d) walk
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