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This scientist came up with the idea that all plants come from cells
a) Schleiden b) Schwann c) Virchow d) Hooke
This was the scientist who came up with the word cells to describe the basis for life
a) Leeuwenhoek b) Schleiden c) Schwann d) Hooke
This is the name of the tool that was needed to see the first cells
a) telescope b) microscope c) ruler d) cell phone
This is the most complex level of organization from this list of four levels of organization.
a) organ system b) organ c) tissue d) cells
Groups of similar organs working together to perform a common function
a) cells b) organ systems c) tissues d) molecules
This is one example of a nucleic acid
a) carbohydrate b) lipid c) proteins d) DNA
This is the scientific word for sugar molecules
a) lipids b) proteins c) carbohydrates d) nucleic acids
This is the term we use for being made of only one cell
a) unicellular b) multicellular c) Lipids d) Proteins
Which of the following is not one of the four types of tissues found in life?
a) epithelial b) connective c) muscular d) blood
The basic unit of life
a) Cells b) Tissues c) Organs d) Organ systems
Groups of similar cells working together to complete a similar function.
a) Element b) Cells c) Organ d) Tissue
This is the simplest level of organization of life- the smallest unit of an element.
a) Cell b) Atom c) Tissue d) Organs
This is the scientific term for the maintenance of a healthy state
a) cellulitis b) homeostasis c) reproduction d) nucleus
This is the process of breaking down food for energy
a) reproduction b) photosynthesis c) cell respiration d) waste removal
Which one of the following is not needed to maintain homeostasis/ being healthy?
a) The ability to move b) Cell respiration c) photosynthesis d) cell reproduction
This is the name given for the part that surrounds the cell, separating the inside from the outside of the cell.
a) nucleus b) cell membrane c) lysosome d) cytoplasm
Which one of the following is not part of the cell theory?
a) cells come from cells b) cells are the basic building blocks for life c) cells are made of lipds, proteins, nucleic acids and carbohydrates d) all life is made up of cells
Which scientist is not part of the creation of the cell theory?
a) hooke b) leeuwenhoek c) schleiden d) darwin
This is the term we use for cells that have unique functions.
a) multicellular b) unicellular c) tissues d) specialized
This is the simplest level of organization from the terms listed
a) cell b) atoms c) molecule d) organ
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