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statements which are voiced as questions but are not expected to be answered
a) interrogatives b) reason c) rhetorical questions d) connotation
power of the mind to think and form judgements logically
a) ethos b) kairos c) logos d) pathos
words charged with an underlying meaning or impliction
a) kairos b) pathos c) loaded words d) assertion
special words or expressions used by a profession or certain group
a) jargon b) loaded words c) repetition d) rhetorical questions
when groups of three adjectives or phrases are used to make ideas memorable
a) jargon b) ethos c) rule of three d) pronouns
inference that a claim is true for most people or a majority of people
a) jargon b) generalization c) rule of three d) loaded words
appeal to emotion
a) pathos b) logos c) ethos d) kairos
facts or information that indicate whether a view is true or not
a) rule of three b) logos c) figurative language d) evidence
establishment of authority and reliability; confidence and trust
a) pathos b) ethos c) logos d) kairos
ideas or feelings that a certain word creates
a) jargon b) repetition c) connotation d) rhetorical question
presentation of only one side of an issue
a) bias b) logos c) generalization d) repetition
an idea is presented as fact without explanation or evidence
a) bias b) ethos c) assertion d) jargon
short personal stories used to connect with the audience
a) attacks b) pathos c) exaggeration d) anecdotes
repetition of initial consonant sounds
a) adjectives b) alliteration c) bias d) connotation
used to create imagery and express things non-literally
a) idiom b) figurative language c) jargon d) exaggeration
representation of something as greater than it actually is
a) lie b) pronouns c) exaggeration d) alliteration
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