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Lawmaking body made up of two houses the House of Lords and the House of Commons
a) Lutherans b) Monarchy c) Parliament d) Protestant
What was the government-sponsored murder of 6 million Jews in the hands of Nazis
a) Reformation b) Holocaust c) Industrialization d) Regulation
With immigration comes multiculturalism. Immigration from the Middle East to France is causing problems such as
a) discrimination b) unemployment c) language barriers d) all of these
Weather and erosion causing moving masses of ice called glaciers
a) tundra b) fjord c) jutland d) glaciation
One way entrepreneurs influence economics in Europe is by
a) creating jobs b) conserving resources c) providing skilled labor d) expanding government regulations
Narrow water filled valleys are called
a) fjords b) uniforms c) trawlers d) scrubland
The mass murder of vast numbers of an ethnic or cultural group
a) holocaust b) murder attack c) serfs d) genocide
What does brackish mean?
a) sweet b) sour c) salty d) bitter
Area of land that slopes downward from surrounding land
a) basin b) steppe c) brackish d) peninsula
a period of slow economic growth or decline
a) recession b) capitalism c) reformation d) welfare
Period of time known as artistic and intellectual activity
a) Reformation b) Recession c) Modern Era d) Renaissance
What religion were the Vikings?
a) Catholic b) Pagan c) rational d) Scandinavian
Another name for factory ships
a) Commercial fishries b) Bretofa c) La Coruna d) trawlers
A region where subsoil is frozen and only plants such as moss can survive
a) jutland b) tundra c) fjords d) figs
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