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Land is flat to gently rolling
a) Grasslands b) Taiga c) Tundra d) Tropical Rainforest
Layers: emergents, canopy, understory, forest floor
a) Tropical Rainforest b) Desert c) Grasslands d) Taiga
no trees and permafrost
a) Tundra b) Taiga c) deciduous forest d) Desert
Dominated by hardwood trees
a) Deciduous Forest b) tropical rain forest c) Taiga d) Desert
In which biome do you live?
a) Deciduous b) Taiga c) Tundrra d) Desert
Which biome is located near the equator
a) Rainforest b) Tundra c) Taiga d) Deciduous
Which biome has leaves that change color in fall
a) Deciduous Forest b) Taiga c) Tundra d) Desert
Which would NOT help a plant live in the desert?
a) thick bark to avoid fires b) long roots c) stem to store water d) no leaves to reduce water loss in transpiration
What kind of trees have waxy coverings to protect them f rom freezing
a) pine trees b) oak c) maple d) dogwood
What is the breadbasket of the country?
a) Grasslands b) Taiga c) Desert d) Deciduous Forest
Where would you find spruce and moose?
a) Taiga b) Tundra c) Desert d) Grassland
Which biome is cold harsh and windy
a) Tundra b) Desert c) Taiga d) Rainforest
Which two biomes get the least amount of precipitation
a) Tundra and Desert b) Desert and Grassland c) Tundra and rainforest d) desert and Deciduous forest
In which biome would you find grazing animals such as zebras and elepphants?
a) grassland b) Tundra c) Taiga d) Desert
Scattered trees: too dry to support forests
a) Grasslands b) Taiga c) Tundrra d) Tropical Rainforest
Greatest diversity of plant and animal life
a) Tropical Rainforest b) Taiga c) Tundrra d) Grassland
Populations of grazing animals and deep rich soil
a) Grasslands b) Taiga c) Tundra d) Desert
A cone producing plant.
a) Conifer b) Angiosperms c) moss d) fern
Four distinct seasons
a) Deciduous Forest b) Grassland c) Desert d) Tropical Rainforest
Rocky, sandy soil
a) Desert b) Taiga c) Grassland d) Tundra
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