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Too much carbon dioxide mixing in the oceans causes -
a) fish scales turn colors b) fish live longer c) reefs grow larger d) reefs die
Melting of polar caps also leads to -
a) flooding b) transformation of the earth's crust c) increased food supply for animals d) global warming
Plants absorb ___
a) oxygen b) nitrogen c) helium d) carbon dioxide
Melting of the polar ice caps leads to --
a) increased availability of drinking water b) the earth's shape being transformed c) severe storms d) there are no effects on the earth
Too many ___ gases are being released into the atmosphere
a) greenhouse b) nitrogen c) false d) oxygen
Ways to reduce global warming:
a) leaving refrigerator doors open to aid in cooling b) reduce, reuse, recycle c) not using a hair dryer as the heat intensifies global warming d) driving faster
measures how alkaline or acidic something is
a) thermometer b) barometer c) pH scale d) these things cannot be measured
A measurement of 7
a) is neutral b) is highly acidic c) is alkaline d) is impossible because the scale ranges from 10 to 20
A measurement of above 7 is
a) is impossible because the scale ranges from 10 to 20 b) is alkaline c) is highly acidic d) is neutral
A measurement of below 7 is
a) is neutral b) is acidic c) is impossible because the scale ranges from 10 to 20 d) is basic
H2 is the symbol for:
a) hydrogen b) helium c) hotter than the boiling point d) dihelium
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