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When you have a North and South Poles of magnets together what will happen?
a) Repel - Push Away b) Attract - Pull Toward c) Spin in Circles d) Nothing
What is another word for coil of wire?
a) solenoid b) slinky c) spring d) circuit
How can you increase the production of electricity in an electromagnet?
a) Increase number of coils, and speed of movement of magnet between solenoid b) Decrease number of coils, and slow down movement of magnet between solenoid c) Turn the switch up d) Uncoil the wire completely
Where is the magnetic force the strongest in magnets?
a) Poles b) Sides c) Bottom d) Top
When you have 2 North sides of the magnets together what will happen?
a) Repel - Push Away b) Attract - Pull Toward c) Spin in Circles d) Nothing
What is the invisible force a magnet uses to attract or repel objects?
a) The Force it is called b) Magnetic Force c) Push - Pull Force d) Magnetic Field
Solenoids spinning between two magnets will produce...?
a) cold b) chemicals c) steams d) electricity
Which is generated when a bar magnet is moved through a solenoid?
a) electric current b) mechanical energy c) gravitational field d) thermal energy
Which is best used with a bar magnet to produce an electric current?
a) silver pins b) metal coins c) paper clips d) wire coils
A student coils a copper wire around a bar magnet. Which action will cause the device to generate electricity?
a) The student moves the bar magnet through the copper wire coils. b) The student uses a horseshoe magnet instead of a bar magnet. c) The student insulates the copper wire with plastic. d) The student connects the copper wire to a light bulb.
What does Earth's Magnetic Domain resemble?
a) Bar Magnet b) Horseshoe magnet c) Line Magnet d) Circle Magnet
How can you increase the strength of an Electromagnet?
a) Decrease the battery size b) Increase the solenoids c) Decrease the solenoids d) Turn the power up
What do you put inside the solenoid of an Electromagnet?
a) Iron nail b) Rubber nail c) Copper nail d) Plastic nail
The magnetic domain is the strongest when...
a) the lines are close together b) the lines are far apart c) the lines are curvey d) the lines are straight
Which of the following uses a magnet to produce electricity?
a) Generator b) Motor c) Engine d) Fan
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