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The process that breaks down rock through chemical changes.
a) deposition b) chemical weathering c) mechanical weathering d) erosion
A large mass of moving ice and snow on land.
a) erosion b) stream c) glacier d) sand dune
A deposit of wind-blown sand.
a) stream b) glacier c) sand dune d) rainfall
A channel through which water is continually flowing downhill.
a) gravity b) stream c) sand dune d) glacier
A force that moves rocks and other materials downhill; the force that pulls objects towards each other
a) gravity b) erosion c) deposition d) glacier
The process in which sediment is laid down in new locations.
a) deposition b) gravity c) weathering d) erosion
Small, solid pieces of material from rocks or organisms; earth materials deposited by erosion.
a) gravity b) deposition c) sediment d) rocks
The process by which water, ice, wind,or gravity moves weathered rock or soil.
a) weathering b) erosion c) deposition d) gravity
The chemical and physical processes that break down rock at Earth's surface.
a) weathering b) erosion c) deposition d) gravity
The type of weathering in which rock is physically broken into smaller pieces.
a) deposition b) erosion c) chemical weathering d) mechanical weathering
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