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What is the highest mountain in Africa?
a) Mount Kenya b) Mt. Kilimanjaro c) Mt. Everest d) Mt. Jordan
What caused the Great Rift Valley?
a) desertification b) meteor shower c) plate tectonic movement d) dinosaurs
Why are most of the rivers difficult to navigate?
a) crocodiles b) too shallow c) waterfalls and rapids d) flesh eating bacteria
Who was the anti apartheid freedom fighter that was elected president of South Africa?
a) Bishop Tutu b) Nelson Mandela c) Barak Obama d) Martin Luther King, Jr.
Which country benefits from diamonds?
a) Namibia b) Ethiopia c) Sudan d) Uganda
Which country enforced strict laws that separated whites and non-whites?
a) Egypt b) South Africa c) Kenya d) The Democratic Republic of Congo
Newly independent African nations were able to quickly establish strong governments.
a) True b) False c) d)
Which physical feature or features is a barrier to cultural diffusion?
a) grasslands and rivers b) deserts and oceans c) savanna d) there are no barriers
The spreading of language and religion is an example of _____________.
a) cultural borrowing b) mutliculturalism c) cultural diffusion d) cultural privacy
The conflict in Sudan resulted from ethnic differences and unjust ruling.
a) True b) False c) d)
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