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The bulk of text in the publication, such as articles and news items?
a) Body b) Masthead c) Nameplate d) Text Box
Headers and footers used to indicate dates, page numbers, and/or running titles; help guide the reader?
a) Byline b) Nameplate c) Running Headlines and Footers d) Deck
Placed between a headline and an article to provide a segue between the headline and the body of the article?
a) Kicker b) Deck c) Masthead d) Byline
Words positioned above a headline, usually as a lead-in or teaser?
a) Kicker b) Deck c) Masthead d) Byline
Name of author or contributor of photo or article, usually placed just below the headline or photo or at the beginning or end of the article?
a) Caption b) Nameplate c) Deck d) Byline
Subtitles, usually set in a smaller font than the title; can be used to break up body copy?
a) Nameplate b) Main Heading c) Subheadings d) Masthead
Title of the article, usually set in a larger font?
a) Nameplate b) Masthead c) Deck d) Main Heading
Banner on the front of a document that identifies the publication and usually includes the name of the publication, a logo, and/or motto?
a) Deck b) Nameplate c) Kicker d) Masthead
A symbol, such as a wingding, that indicates the end of an article?
a) Sidebar b) Text Box c) Caption d) End Mark
A smaller self-contained story alongside a larger story which may or may not be related; usually boxed with its own headline and set off from the main text?
a) Sidebar b) Caption c) Text Box d) Pull Quote
A small section of text “pulled out and quoted” in a larger font size; used to draw attention?
a) Nameplate b) End Mark c) Caption d) Pulled Quote
Line at the end of a continuing article that tells readers which page to refer to for the rest of the article?
a) Jumpline b) Deck c) Kicker d) Nameplate
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