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What enzyme is used to break down lipids/fats?
a) Chubby Chomper b) Protease c) LPG d) Lipase
What does starch/carbohydrates get turned into during digestion?
a) Mash potato b) Sugar c) Urine d) Mucus
What is the large intestine also known as?
a) Poo Tube b) Femur c) Cranium d) Colon
What is the small intestine also known as?
a) Ileum b) Colon c) Stomach d) Food Tube
What is protein turned into during digestion?
a) Mince Meat b) Gordan Brown c) Amino Acids d) Amigo Acids
Lipids are also known as...
a) Fats b) Sweets c) Idiots d) Cells
Starch is a type of...
a) hat b) dance c) protein d) carbohydrate
Enzymes are known as...
a) Psychological Catalysts b) Biological Catalysts c) Nuclear Catalysts d) Psychedelic Catalysts
What is the technical name for the special proteins that speed up digestion?
a) Pinky Perky b) Poo Makers c) Enzymes d) Stomach Acid
Where does digestion begin?
a) Mouth b) Anus c) Stomach d) Colon
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