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I need to ____________________________ the idea that I have into a story.
a) develop b) judge c) influential d) highlight
Things that you can see, touch, feel, smell, or taste are called __________________ things.
a) abstract b) effective c) concrete d) clarify
Most people would like to copy the most _________________________ person in their lives.
a) concrete b) abstract c) influential d) effective
He will ________________ the clay into a statue.
a) judge b) form c) highlight d) brief
I am reading a very long passage, but my sister's passage is _________________.
a) breif b) effective c) clarify d) concrete
The ________________________ of my day is seeing your sweet smile.
a) form b) influential c) develop d) highlight
I asked my teacher to _______________ the assignment, because I didn't understand it.
a) brief b) effective c) clarify d) concrete
We tasted five kinds of gum, and then asked to _______________ the best.
a) effective b) brief c) form d) judge
You cannot draw a picture of ___________ things like love, freedom, and jealousy.
a) abstract b) concrete c) form d) develop
I need to find an _______________ way to get my dogs to stop barking.
a) abstract b) influential c) effective d) highlight
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