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the person running for office
a) campaigns b) candidate c) electorate d) nominate
any action that's used to get someone elected
a) campaign b) candidate c) party platform d) political center
to officially name as a party's candidate
a) liberal b) conservative c) nominate d) bias
what a party believes on major issues
a) bias b) political center c) conservative d) party platform
want large government; democrats
a) political center b) liberal c) conservative d) forum
want small government; republicans
a) political center b) liberal c) conservative d) forum
people who are a mix of liberal and conservative
a) political center b) liberal c) conservative d) forum
favoring one side over another
a) forum b) propaganda c) bias d) campaign
something designed to persuade you, is often misleading and biased
a) bias b) propaganda c) campaign d) forum
a method/place for ideas and views to be shared
a) propaganda b) campaign c) forum d) candidate
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