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1st desegregation victory
a) Plessy v. Ferguson b) Brown v. Board c) Miranda v. Arizona d) Batman v. Superman
Rights the police must read before arrests
a) Civil Rights b) Amendments c) Riot Act d) Miranda Rights
Shirley Chisholm:
a) 1st African American Congresswoman b) Famous civil rights leader, Black Panther Party co- founder c) 1st African American Supreme Court Justice d) Arkansas Governor who tried to stop 9 African American students from entering school
WHO: civil rights leader, Violence requires violence, resistance
a) Thurgood Marshall b) Martin Luther King c) Malcolm X d) Billy Graham
Name the Event: Arkansas governor refused to let 9 African American students in to a school. President send military troops
Civil Rights Act 1964
a) Integrated public schools b) Ended job discrimination c) Ended Slavery d) Removed poll taxes and literacy tests
Miranda v. Arizona
a) Separate is Equal b) Public schools are integrated c) Poll taxes and literacy test are illegal d) Police must read your right when they arrest you
Brown v. Board of Education
a) Desegregated public schools b) Police must read you rights when arrested c) Separate is equal d) Poll taxes and literacy test illegal
Plessy v. Ferguson
a) Police must read your rights when arrested b) Segregation is illegal in Public School c) Separate is Equal d) Poll taxes and literacy test illegal
African American rebirth of pride in the 1920's that set the stage for the Civil Rights Movement
a) Black Power Movement b) Harlem Renaissance c) Civil Rights Movement d) 1920's Awakening
This ACT made literacy test illegal
a) Civil Rights Act b) Patriot Act c) Sherman Anti-Trust Act d) Voting Rights Act
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