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a body of land with water on three sides
a) agora b) colony c) peninsula d) acropolis
a new settlement with close ties to its homeland
a) agora b) colony c) peninsula d) acropolis
a market and a place where people meet and debate
a) agora b) colony c) peninsula d) acropolis
a Greek city-state
a) agora b) colony c) acropolis d) polis
a fortified area, usually on a hill
a) agora b) colony c) peninsula d) acropolis
Ancient Greeks made their living raising what?
a) sheep b) cattle c) horses d) rabbits
What civilization was the first to arise in ancient Greece?
a) Phoenician b) Dorian c) Mycenaean d) Minoan
Name one factor that started the collapse of the Mycenaean Civilization
a) Trojan War b) people forgot their written language c) earthquakes d) people left
Greek city-states were run by their
a) soldiers b) citizens c) politicians d) kings
Who is a citizen in ancient Greece?
a) free native-born men who owned land b) freed slaves who owned land c) wealthy women who owned land d) foreign-born men with land
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