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What is the name for a special, dome shaped building meant to honor the Buddha?
a) pilgrim b) stupa c) reincarnation d) epic
Which ruler of the Mauryan Empire did more to help his people?
a) Ashoka b) Chandra Gupta c) d)
People who travel to holy places are known as
a) Pioneers b) Peasants c) Pilgrims d) Networkers
Which lasting achievement did ancient Indian mathematicians make?
a) the theory of pi b) the number zero c) Roman numerals d) area of a triangle
Ancient Indian scientists mapped the movements of the planets and stars.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
Once a great military leader, this person gave up war and became a Buddhist.
a) Chandra Gupta b) Shushruta c) Samudra Gupta d) Ashoka
Which ruler used spies against his own people?
a) Chandrua Gupta b) Shushruta c) Samudra Gupta d) Ashoka
Ancient Indian writers wrote the longest poem in any written language. About how many verses does it contain?
a) 10,000 b) 9,000 c) 90,000 d) 25,000
Ancient Gupta doctors invented medical tools, such as the scalpel.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
Ancient Indian scientist believed the Earth was flat and that it moved around the sun.
a) TRUE b) FALSE c) d)
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