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All of the following are non renewable EXCEPT
a) coal b) water c) petroleum d) natural gas
Crop rotation is
a) planting different crops to help the soils nutrients b) turning the crops upside down c) planting different crops because you want different foods d) Reducing insects on crops
All are ways to conserve resources EXCEPT
a) recycling different objects b) picking up trash on the playground c) reusing cups and plates d) buying brand new furniture made of wood
Many stores make you have your own shopping bags. This helps in all the ways EXCEPT
a) They take up less space b) they help save resources c) they limit the amount of trash we have d) they give you a choice
We are doing an experiment on soil and water pollution. You have to.
a) wear goggles b) wear open toed shoes c) stir the polluted water really fast so it spills d) Mix a bunch of things together just to see what happens
What type of gas is renewable?
a) natural gas b) air c) petroleum d) propane
Which of the following is a nonrenewable solid?
a) coal b) plants c) water d) natural gas
Trees are renewable
a) all the time b) only if your replant them c) never d) false, they are nonrenewable
We can reduce waste by doing all EXCEPT
a) reusing things b) buying used items c) buying brand new in a single use container d) recycling glass
All of the following are renewable EXCEPT
a) water b) air c) trees d) natural gas
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