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What process makes ediments by breaking material into small fragments?
a) weathering b) pressure c) heat d) deposition
Some metamorphic rocks have grains that have been pressed into flat layers called
a) foliations b) clastics c) intrusives d) coriths
_______ rock are rocks that have been changed by heat and pressure.
a) igneous b) metamorphic c) sedimentary d) chemical
___________ reefs are made of organic limestone.
a) sponge b) oyster c) shark d) coral
Coral are related to___________
a) turtles b) jellyfish c) flatworms d) trout
_______ igneous rocks have smaller crystals because they cool faster.
a) igneous b) metamorphic c) sedimentary d) extrusive
_________ rocks are formed through weathering, compaction, and cementation.
a) intrusive igneos b) extrusive igneous c) clastic sedimentary d) foliated metamorphic
_______ category of rock are formed when molten material cools.
a) igneous b) metamorphic c) sedimentary d) foliated
____ is the look and feel of a rock's surface.
a) density b) volume c) sedimentation d) texture
Rocks are split into 3 large groups based on what?
a) their color b) how they form c) their location d) how old they are
The rock, _________, makes up most of the ocean floor
a) basalt b) granite c) slate d) pumice
A _______ test is performed by rubbing a mineral across an unglazed porcelain plate.
a) density b) luster c) streak d) fluorescence
The size of mineral crystal increase when the molten material cools______
a) quickly b) slowly c) instantly d) in cool water
Scale used to measure the hardness of a mineral
a) Fujita b) Richter c) Scoville d) Moh
A mineral that splits cleanly along a flat plane is said to have what property?
a) cleavage b) fracture c) luster d) fluorescence
mass divided by volume = what?
a) density b) weight c) luster d) cleavage
____ are naturally ocurring inorganic solids with a crystal structure.
a) rocks b) plastics c) minerals d) fractures
Rocks change from one type into another in the _____ cycle
a) water b) hydrogen c) rock d) seasonal
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