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What is the absolute mean deviation of the values 12, 7, 22, 23, 5, 24, 11, 12?
a) 0 b) 3.96 c) 4.9 d) 19.2
A gardener has a cylindrical planter that has a diameter of 16 inches and is 2 feet deep. What is the approximate number of cubic feet of potting soil that he will need to fill the planter?
a) 2.79 ft. cubed b) 6.28 ft. cubed c) 16.75 ft. cubed d) 401.92 ft. cubed
The volume of a cylinder is 240 cubic inches. What equation can be used to find B, the area of the base of the cylinder?
a) B = 240h b) B= h/240 c) B= 240/h d) B= 240 + h
The volume of a cylinder is 65 cubic centimeters. Which equation can be used to find h, the height of the cylinder?
a) h = 65b b) h = 65/b c) h = b/65 d) h = 65 – b
On a school field trip, one parent had to attend for every 8 students. If x represents the number of students, which equation can be used to find y, the number of parents attending?
a) x/8 = y b) 8x = y c) x + 8 = y d)
Patrick has decided to open a simple interest retirement account that pays 3% interest annually. He makes an initial deposit of $1000 and then deposits another $1000 into the account each year. How much money will be in his account after 10 years?
a) $10, 000 b) $10, 300 c) $11, 503.03 d) $12, 122.73
Jack and Tim are racing remote- controlled cars. Jack’s car travels 3.5 feet per second, while Time’s car travels 5.25 feet per second. Because Jack’s car is slower, Tim gave Jack a 10- foot head start. Which inequality could be used to determine aft
a) 3.5s 5.25s +10 b) 3.5s + 10 5.25s c) 5.25s 3.5s +10 d) 3.55s – 10 5.25s
George bought a new motorcycle at an auction. He paid 75% of the original price, x, and received an additional discount of $600. Which of the following equations represents y, the price George paid for the motorcycle?
a) y = 3/4x – 600 b) y = 3/4x + 600 c) y = 1/4x – 600 d) 1/4x + 600
Which of these statements best describes the effect of investing small amounts of money regularly?
a) small amounts of money invested regularly will never equal the value of investing larger amounts of money irregularly. b) small amounts of money invested regularly will never equal the value of investing one larger lump sum. c) small amounts of money invested regularly grow over time. d) small amounts of money invested regularly decrease over time.
Which equation represents a proportional relationship between x and y?
a) y = 0.25x + 1.25 b) y = 4x c) y = 14x – 2 d) y = 2/3x – 2/3
Ann is traveling by bus to see a friend who moved away from her neighborhood. She has been on the bus for 2 hours and has traveled 120 miles. Which equation can be used to show the distance, d, she will travel in hours, t, assuming the bus will trave
a) d = 2t b) d = 60t c) d = 150t d) d = 155t
What value of x makes this equation true? 0.6x – 5 = 0.1x + 7
a) 4 b) 14 c) 24 d) 6
Katie and Marco are saving money for college. They both invested money at the same bank in a CD that pays an annual compound interest rate of 3.75%. Katie invested $1050 every year for 10 years. Marco invested $2100 every year for 4 years. Which stat
a) Marco will have more money than Katie in his college account because he invested more money each year. b) Katie and Marco will have the same amount of money in their college accounts. c) It is impossible to determine whether Katie or Marco will have more money in their college accounts d) Katie will have more money in her college account because she invested regularly over a longer period of time
Lin charges $12 to wash a car. Which number sentence can be used to find M, the money he would make if he washed c, cars?
a) M = 12 + c b) M = 12c c) M = 12 + 12 + c d)
About 3, 000, 000 people attend the State Fair of Texas each year. How is this number expressed in scientific notation?
a) 3 x 10^5 b) 3 x 10^6 c) 3 x 10^10 d)
A microscopic cell measures 3.8 x 10^-4 centimeters in diameter. What is this number in standard notation?
a) 0.000038 b) 0.00038 c) 0.0038 d) 0.038
1. The √83 is closest to which number?
a) 8 b) 9 c) 10 d)
Which statement is false?
a) All integers are rational b) all rational numbers are real numbers c) all irrational numbers are real d) all irrational numbers are rational
Which irrational number is closest to 5?
a) √52 b) √27 c) v16 d)
Ten packs of tickets for rides at an amusement park sell for $125.00. One family has already used two of their tickets. They now have 9.6 packs left. Which equation can be used to find t, the number of tickets in each package, and the correct solutio
a) 9.6t – 2 = 10t, t = 1.25 b) 9.6t + 2 = 10t, t = 5 c) 9.6t = 10t +2, t = -5 d) 9.6t = 10t – 2, t = -1.25
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