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Egypt is located on the contient of __________
a) Asia b) Africa c) South America d)
The __________ River flows through Egypt from south to north.
a) Nile b) Tigris c) Mississippi d)
The Nile empties into the _____________ Sea
a) Blue b) Yellow c) Mediterranean d)
The Nile is the ___________ river in the world.
a) longest b) shortest c) most colorful d)
Barriers that made it difficult to sail along the Nile River were the ______
a) currents b) cataracts c) mountains d)
___________ united Upper and Lower Egypt.
a) Menes b) Tut c) Hatshepsut d)
A ___________ is a series of rulers from the same family.
a) president b) monarchy c) dynasty d)
Mens wore a _______ crown to show the unification of Egypt.
a) double b) single c) triple d)
The Egyptian social order was shaped like a ____________.
a) diamond b) pyramid c) circle d)
Egyptians practiced ____________ as their type of religion.
a) polytheism b) monotheism c) d)
Egyptians believed that when they died they would live on in the __________.
a) afterlife b) next life c) they did not belive this d)
To fulfill the needs of the _____, people filled the tomb of the dead with food, clothing, furniture, etc.
a) la b) ra c) Ka d)
The rich people had their bodies made into __________ so they would last forever.
a) mummies b) pharaohs c) d)
In the social pyramid, the _____________ and ___________ were at the bottom.
a) pharaoh and farmers b) scribe and noble c) farmers and slaves d)
A _____________ kept govvernment records.
a) scribe b) explorer c) pharaoh d)
What item was found that helped to translate hieroglyphics?
a) Rosetta Stone b) map c) key d)
During the ___________ Kingdom, Menteuhotep II brought stability back to Egypt.
a) Middle b) New c) Old d)
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