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The boundary between two air masses.
a) saturation b) mass c) front d) dry zone
An air mass that comes from water.
a) maritime b) continental c) polar d) tropical
When water vapor freezes directly into solid form.
a) rain b) sleet c) snow d) hail
When rain falls through a freezing layer of air.
a) rain b) sleet c) snow d) hail
Low altitude clouds.
a) alto b) cirro c) strato d) nimbo
When updrafts freeze water in the air.
a) rain b) sleet c) snow d) hail
Middle altitude clouds.
a) cirro b) alto c) strato d) nimbus
It may rain when___is added to a cloud name.
a) alto b) nimbus c) cirrus d) condensation
Thin, feathery clouds at high altitudes.
a) cumulus b) alto c) cirrus d) stratus
Puffy clouds with a flat bottom.
a) cumulus b) stratus c) cirrus d) alto
Clouds that cover large areas of the sky.
a) Alto b) cirrus c) stratus d) cumulus
Thunderstorms usually happen around:
a) warm fronts b) cold fronts c) stationary fronts d) radiator fronts
When two air masses meet and little horizontal movement occurs.
a) warm front b) cold front c) occluded front d) stationary front
It will rain, but not thunderstorm, during a:
a) cold front b) warm front c) occluded front d) radiator front
A storm that gains energy from warm ocean water.
a) tornado b) snow c) hail d) hurricane
A device that measures air pressure.
a) meter stick b) thermometer c) barometer d) Isobar
Air pressure is measured in:
a) isobars b) anemobars c) thermobars d) tempobars
An air mass that forms over land.
a) maritime b) continental c) polar d) tropical
Thunderstorms come from:
a) altocumulus clouds b) nimbostratus clouds c) cumulonimbus clouds d) cirrostratus clouds
A cold air mass.
a) maritime b) continental c) polar d) tropical
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