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a) haggle b) compromise c) antagonize d) bestow
step in to help them agree
a) rant b) permanent c) arbitrate d) irate
widespread disease
a) persist b) epidemic c) haggle d) wrath
get so mad
a) capsize b) compromise c) arbitrate d) irate
don't care
a) bestow b) apathy c) homicide d) bigots
give a whole backstory
a) rant b) antagonize c) bestow d) persist
a) homicide b) epidemic c) capsize d) permaent
racist, haterss
a) capsize b) antagonize c) bigots d) persist
flip over
a) haggle b) homicide c) irate d) flip over
make them upset
a) rant b) wrath c) irate d) antagonize
agreement where both people feel okay
a) compromise b) apathy c) persist d) rant
yell and scream
a) permanent b) bigots c) rant d) homicide
filled with , angry
a) capsize b) wrath c) haggle d) bigots
go on and on
a) arbitrate b) bestow c) persist d) rant
last forever
a) wrath b) irate c) permanent d) epidemic
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