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This is the most common form of stereotype
a) Exaggeration b) Generalization c) Historical factors d) Discrimination
This occurs when someone does not accept another person because they are different in some way
a) Exaggeration b) Generalization c) Discrimination d) Historical factors
A form of stereotype where we overemphasize differences between groups
a) Exaggeration b) Discrimination c) Historical Factors d) Generalization
An example of this form of stereotyping would be hating all germans because of WWII
a) Exaggeration b) Generalization c) Historical Factors d) None of the above
The name of Melinda's high school
a) Merry High School b) Merryweather High School c) George Washington High School d) None of the above
Assumed characteristics based on a large group of individuals whose beliefs, habits, and actions are similar.
a) Judgement b) Discrimination c) Stereotype d) None of the above
What does Melinda's last name mean in italian?
a) Outcast b) Shame c) Mute d) None of the above
The main character who undergoes a change or overcomes an obstacle
a) Metaphor b) Simile c) Antagonist d) Protagonist
Giving human characteristics to inanimate objects or abstract ideas.
a) Personification b) Symbolism c) Metaphor d) Simile
When the author presents hints or clues for something that will happen later in the book
a) Irony b) Foreshadowing c) Symbolism d) None of the above
A figure of speech in which a comparison is made between two unlike things that actually have something in common
a) Simile b) Personification c) Foreshadowing d) Metaphor
Comparing two unlike things using like or as
a) Simile b) Metaphor c) Symbolism d) Irony
Major turning point that allows the protagonist to resolve the conflict
a) Setting b) Theme c) Irony d) Climax
The character or force that provides the obstacle in a novel
a) Protagonist b) Antagonist c) Climax d) Symbolism
The antagonist in the novel Speak
a) IT b) Andy Evans c) Andy Beast d) All of the above
Melinda's Ex-best friend
a) Rachel Bruin b) Ivy c) Nicole d) Heather
Melinda's Social Studies teacher..
a) Hairwomen b) Mr. Freeman c) Mr. Neck d) None of the above
An important and often times recurring them in a work of literature
a) Motif b) Symbol c) Foreshadowing d) Metaphor
The tree, Changing mascot, couch, and weather are all.....
a) Metaphors b) Similes c) Symbols d) None of the above
The time and place in a work of fiction is called the...
a) Place b) Setting c) Center d) Climax
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